Swimming is Getting Easier

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With all the new positive exposure for plus size women, getting swimwear has become an easier experience. New styles, like bikinis with high-waist bottoms and fashion one pieces, are styles that look good on plus size ladies and fit great! Here are some of my favorite pieces at some awesome online spots!





Lazy Summers = Maxi Summers

I don’t know about you guys, but I am a really lazy person. When it comes to shaving my legs, I have days in between shaves that require myself to be covered. The problem is when these occurrences happen in the summer. What do I do to keep the public safe from my legs? Maxi skirts and dresses my friends. I know that some girls have problems with them because of the way that maxi skirt/dresses tend to cling to their bodies. Well, I totally know what you’re talking about, and I know how to avoid that problem.  To give examples, I found a dress and skirt on ASOS, a fantastic online store. http://us.asos.com/Women/Curve-Plus-Size/Cat/pgecategory.aspx?cid=9577#state=Rf900%3D1573%2C1465&parentID=Rf900&pge=0&pgeSize=36&sort=-1


 If you are afraid of having every curve of your body shown through your maxis then find a more flowy maxi that will let your body breath under there and maybe even have a slip.


If you really don’t like your maxi flying everywhere in the wind or don’t feel protected, then go with the more fitted ones.

I consider myself to be a little bit of both of these types. I like my maxi skirts fitted, but not showing every beautiful lump of my body (especially in the booty region) The way I defuse the problem is that I add a flowy shirt over the skirt and that way my butt is covered enough that I feel comfortable.  So next time you ladies forget to shave, grab a maxi skirt and think of me!

No More Grandma Swim Wear

Growing up as a chunky kid, I always wore plain one piece swimsuits. I always wanted to wear something else but I was not comfortable being totally exposed and I was already self-conscious about my belly. I remember being at pool parties and feeling like I was the only one with a grandma swimsuit. And when I saw actual older ladies with swimsuits similar to mine, I definitely felt like I was already part of the grandma club.

Thankfully, times have changed and there are all types of cute one pieces out there. But what’s even cooler, it that new styles of swimsuits are coming out for bigger ladies and it’s making a splash this summer. It is reshaping the ideal look for plus size swimwear and are promoting girls to take a risk and make a statement. What is this trend you ask? The fatkini of course! The fatkini is a bikini that has high waisted bottoms. They usually go over your belly button and are pretty secure. It’s a way to get that bikini look without feeling too exposed. There is a great variety and they really bring a flare to your summer wear! Popular fashion blogger/mode, Gabifresh (at http://www.gabifresh.com/) , has created a line of fatkinis that would flare up anybody’s summer wear!




Gabifresh’s galaxy print fatkini has been a fast seller. Gabifresh also believes that girls should wear what they love and not care about “fashion rules” or what other people thing.  Her line of fatkinis has influenced girls to go have fun at the beach while feeling and looking their best! I know that I’m going to get myself one because I’m ready to quite the grandma club.