Melissa McCarthy: Fashion Icon

84th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

When people ask me who my fashion celebrity icons are I think of a couple of women who have dominated red carpets with their perfect outfits for their bodies…but the one woman who has inspired me the most is Melissa McCartney. I just want to talk about how amazing this woman is. Not only is she a hilarious actress, who was in Bridesmaids and the new movie Tammy, she is also a fashion icon for all big ladies. It’s not all about what she wears, but how she ended up wearing it.

Finding cloths can be difficult for a plus size woman but finding a top designer dress is almost impossible. Melissa realized this the first time she went to the Oscars two years ago. None of the designers wanted to create a dress for her. They said their designs would not look good on Melissa or just said that they don’t create them in her size. This was a huge problem for Melissa as award shows continued. She then got to a point where she decided to ignore those designers and start designing dresses herself. With the help from the couture dress maker Daniella Pearl, they created the plus-size clothing lines, Pearl. Melissa started to make her own dresses and began to find designers who would gladly make her a gorgeous dress, like in the picture above.

What I’ve learned from Melissa McCarthy is that if the world says it doesn’t want to dress you, then YOU figure out how to dress yourself. Find the right people, brands and companies that will have beautiful clothing for you. Start creating your own cloths or reinvent them. Just like Melissa, we deserve to look great.




World Cup Fun

a_net a_field2_1


The world is going crazy over the World Cup in Brazil, which means there have been a lot of World Cup parties. Whether your going to a laid back party sitting on the couch or a watching the games at a nice place in town, you can always look on point. My roommate, Alyssa, likes to wear fun creative prints in honor of the games being in Brazil. Her shirt and skater skirt are both from Forever 21, her boyfriend cardigan is thrifted, her tights are from Avenue and her booties are from Target.

Hope you all are having fun!

Swimming is Getting Easier

plus    plus1

With all the new positive exposure for plus size women, getting swimwear has become an easier experience. New styles, like bikinis with high-waist bottoms and fashion one pieces, are styles that look good on plus size ladies and fit great! Here are some of my favorite pieces at some awesome online spots!

Spring Chafing : Bandelettes


bandet bandetbooty

Spring is when we take our fun dresses out from hibernation and let our legs feel the air again. However, with our leg’s new bare freedom comes some painful side affects. Chafing.

People can always tell when I’m chaffing because I start gracefully waddling around campus. I use to get so frustrated about my raw thighs that I tried to find a way to prevent this event from happening. There are so many weird chafing precautionary items but I’d rather not wear spanks or shorts underneath all of my skirts and dressed. I wanted something that would stop the problem but look cute just in case a spring breeze gave me a Marilyn Monroe moment! Ladies, I have found the solution to all of our problems with Bandelettes.

Bandelettes are elastic lace bands that go over the thighs’ chafing area and prevents the rubbing. They keep the pain away while also looking fun. They range from $12 to $16. I am a proud owner of a beige pair and I’m so overjoyed that they stay in place and work. I’m also happy that if I do have a Marilyn Monroe moment, I’ll still look pretty cute!

Check them out: 

Thrifting For Spring



The cold winter is finally over, but we can guarantee there are going to be some chilly spring days.  I caught up with my friend Alyssa Frazier, who has a not so secret place to get cheap light sweaters for these brisk days. “The men section at thrift stores!” Alyssa said, “You can find cute unique looks from grandpa sweaters to cool vests.” The funnest part of thrift shopping and our big tip for today is to go and experiment. Experiment with crazy jackets, flannels and button ups. Don’t be afraid to look through the crazy dresses because you might just find a kooky dress just for you. It’s amazing how many creative pieces you can find that are plus size, affordable and cute.



Alyssa is wearing a green sweater from a local D.I. (thrift store), and she loves to tuck in the front part of her sweater so she can show some curves. “You want to make sure that you don’t look frumpy. Just because the clothes look old, doesn’t mean they have to look old on you.”


“This is my favorite thrift outfit”. Alyssa is wearing a collared print long sleeve and a vest from the men’s department of the same D.I.. A cool way to make your thrift items look trendy is to combine pieces together. It also can help you make your outfit look flattering on you. “I wear the vest on top of this shirt because the shirt has a lot of prints on it.” Alyssa said, “The prints kind of distort my figure and the vest gives me a shape.”

Last Tip: Just remember to be patient while looking for the right size and look in places that are out of your comfort zone.


Lazy Summers = Maxi Summers

I don’t know about you guys, but I am a really lazy person. When it comes to shaving my legs, I have days in between shaves that require myself to be covered. The problem is when these occurrences happen in the summer. What do I do to keep the public safe from my legs? Maxi skirts and dresses my friends. I know that some girls have problems with them because of the way that maxi skirt/dresses tend to cling to their bodies. Well, I totally know what you’re talking about, and I know how to avoid that problem.  To give examples, I found a dress and skirt on ASOS, a fantastic online store.


 If you are afraid of having every curve of your body shown through your maxis then find a more flowy maxi that will let your body breath under there and maybe even have a slip.


If you really don’t like your maxi flying everywhere in the wind or don’t feel protected, then go with the more fitted ones.

I consider myself to be a little bit of both of these types. I like my maxi skirts fitted, but not showing every beautiful lump of my body (especially in the booty region) The way I defuse the problem is that I add a flowy shirt over the skirt and that way my butt is covered enough that I feel comfortable.  So next time you ladies forget to shave, grab a maxi skirt and think of me!