Swim Wear

Let me tell you a secret about swimwear for big ladies… you can wear whatever you want. You can wear whatever from a one piece to a bikini cause your body is beautiful and can rock anything!  However, It all comes down to what you are comfortable in. Here are the sites that I found these beautiful suits to show you all : Forever 21, ASOS, ModCloth, swimsuitsforall.com.


I’m going to address a couple styles that you could rock this summer:

1. One Piece-One pieces are super cute and can make you feel like an athletic swimmer to a beautiful pool babe. They can seem like a dress or have a little skirt.

00125206-03           97578efbb40298d96245d65d3673101e



2. Tankini – Tankinis are two pieces that have a longer torso piece than the bottom piece. It can give you coverage that you might want. It’s also a cute way to show a little skin!

med_2870TK2231    med_2939TK2231



3. Fatkini – Fatkinis are all the rage in plus size fashion because they are like a high waisted bathing suit which is super cute.  I’ve actually posted about these before and it can make you feel fashionable and hot.

00107694-03   image3xl



4. Bikini – The famous “bikini” is not only for light people. AL girls can rock these looks and feel beautiful. Get an awesome tan and show off near the water!

image1xl (1)



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