Thrifting For Spring



The cold winter is finally over, but we can guarantee there are going to be some chilly spring days.  I caught up with my friend Alyssa Frazier, who has a not so secret place to get cheap light sweaters for these brisk days. “The men section at thrift stores!” Alyssa said, “You can find cute unique looks from grandpa sweaters to cool vests.” The funnest part of thrift shopping and our big tip for today is to go and experiment. Experiment with crazy jackets, flannels and button ups. Don’t be afraid to look through the crazy dresses because you might just find a kooky dress just for you. It’s amazing how many creative pieces you can find that are plus size, affordable and cute.



Alyssa is wearing a green sweater from a local D.I. (thrift store), and she loves to tuck in the front part of her sweater so she can show some curves. “You want to make sure that you don’t look frumpy. Just because the clothes look old, doesn’t mean they have to look old on you.”


“This is my favorite thrift outfit”. Alyssa is wearing a collared print long sleeve and a vest from the men’s department of the same D.I.. A cool way to make your thrift items look trendy is to combine pieces together. It also can help you make your outfit look flattering on you. “I wear the vest on top of this shirt because the shirt has a lot of prints on it.” Alyssa said, “The prints kind of distort my figure and the vest gives me a shape.”

Last Tip: Just remember to be patient while looking for the right size and look in places that are out of your comfort zone.



Lazy Summers = Maxi Summers

I don’t know about you guys, but I am a really lazy person. When it comes to shaving my legs, I have days in between shaves that require myself to be covered. The problem is when these occurrences happen in the summer. What do I do to keep the public safe from my legs? Maxi skirts and dresses my friends. I know that some girls have problems with them because of the way that maxi skirt/dresses tend to cling to their bodies. Well, I totally know what you’re talking about, and I know how to avoid that problem.  To give examples, I found a dress and skirt on ASOS, a fantastic online store.


 If you are afraid of having every curve of your body shown through your maxis then find a more flowy maxi that will let your body breath under there and maybe even have a slip.


If you really don’t like your maxi flying everywhere in the wind or don’t feel protected, then go with the more fitted ones.

I consider myself to be a little bit of both of these types. I like my maxi skirts fitted, but not showing every beautiful lump of my body (especially in the booty region) The way I defuse the problem is that I add a flowy shirt over the skirt and that way my butt is covered enough that I feel comfortable.  So next time you ladies forget to shave, grab a maxi skirt and think of me!

Shorts Ready For the Heat

Anyone in the states right now knows that it is crazy hot. It’s so hot that if we all could, we would probably be just hanging in our undies. But because we still live in a civilized culture, we are going to have to make due with wearing shorts.

The word shorts make some of us groan because we know that good shorts are hard to come by when you’re plus sized. Either the short legs are too short and tight and give us that bulge in the thighs, our bellies are muffining over, or they are the opposite and look like dad shorts. There is an easy way to take away all the problems with one type of shorts. High waisted shorts.

High waisted shorts are not only a big trend in fashion at the moment, they are also a big girl’s best friend. These shorts cover up the cursed belly bulges and gives your shape a smooth look. There are high waisted shorts with legs that don’t squeeze your thighs. Here are some from Forever 21 Plus.


They are perfect for any type of activity because they stay up because of the height. These shorts look great with crop tops, tucked in tops or even something that flows over them. If you want to find some good stores to find shorts that aren’t online, then find out where your closest Forever 21 Plus and H&M are. Get a pair and try to get out of the heat!