Spring Chafing : Bandelettes


bandet bandetbooty

Spring is when we take our fun dresses out from hibernation¬†and let our legs feel the air again. However, with our leg’s new bare freedom comes some painful side affects. Chafing.

People can always tell when I’m chaffing because I start gracefully waddling around campus. I use to get so frustrated about my raw thighs that I tried to find a way to prevent this event from happening. There are so many weird chafing precautionary items but I’d rather not wear spanks or shorts underneath all of my skirts and dressed. I wanted something that would stop the problem but look cute just in case a spring breeze gave me a Marilyn Monroe moment! Ladies, I have found the solution to all of our problems with Bandelettes.

Bandelettes are elastic lace bands that go over the thighs’ chafing area and prevents the rubbing. They keep the pain away while also looking fun. They range from $12 to $16. I am a proud owner of a beige pair and I’m so overjoyed that they stay in place and work. I’m also happy that if I do have a Marilyn Monroe moment, I’ll still look pretty cute!

Check them out: http://www.bandelettes.com/