Hello Ladies! I’m Audrey Halversen and I’m currently a student at Brigham Young University. I’m a 20 year old California native and I love exotic foods and Netflix (my one true love). I’m currently a size 13-14 and have been on the curvy side since I was a freshman in high school. To paint a picture, I was the girl who would wear baggy t-shirts and such so I wouldn’t have to worry about my body. I was afraid of what other people thought of me because of my body. When I got to my senior year, I realized how ridiculous my clothing choices were. Just because I’m big, doesn’t mean that I can’t look like the stylish girl that I am. I have always loved fashion but never tried to apply the stuff I like on myself. That’s when I decided to wear whatever kind of fashionable wear that I wanted. And I ignored other people’s opinions and only focused on how I felt. Then it became easy to find cloths that worked for me.

Big and Chic is how I am trying to help other plus size women have the same revelation. It’s all about letting plus size girls discover new and exciting fashions while helping them realize that they can wear whatever they want to. My fashion advise usually comes down to one thing: take fashion risks, have fun and ignore the “fashion rules”. If you feel good and look good, then your doing it right!


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