Blog Ladies You Should Know About

Two fashion bloggers who inspired me to go into fashion and explore all types of cloths for my body are Gabifresh and Nadia Aboulhson. These ladies who have different lovely shapes are part of the new wave of up and coming regular/plus size women are spreading body positivity to a whole new generation. Check them out!

closeup_zps2c61fcb3 gabifresh_fashionweek2_zpse4a682c4 Gabi is all about wearing cloths that you like. This blog made me realize that I don’t have to follow the “plus size” fashion rules because if you feel beautiful in it, you’re beautiful! On Gabi’s side info she says “If you love fashion but you’re sick of being told to wear A-line skirts, wrap dresses, boot cut jeans, and slimming prints, this is the blog for you.”. And of course she has amazing fashion taste.


highwaistedswimsuit_zps86b35a12 streetstylenadia_zpsfea094c9 When I first found Nadia’s blog, I was amazed at how beautiful she was in her photo shoots and in her regular day life photos. The ability to look good dressed up and dressed down can be accomplished by anyone. Nadia is a powerful woman and isn’t afraid to put her followers inn their place if they have a skewed opinion on non-skinny fashion. I learned that we should take pride in ourselves and never let anyone walk all over you.


Melissa McCarthy: Fashion Icon

84th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

When people ask me who my fashion celebrity icons are I think of a couple of women who have dominated red carpets with their perfect outfits for their bodies…but the one woman who has inspired me the most is Melissa McCartney. I just want to talk about how amazing this woman is. Not only is she a hilarious actress, who was in Bridesmaids and the new movie Tammy, she is also a fashion icon for all big ladies. It’s not all about what she wears, but how she ended up wearing it.

Finding cloths can be difficult for a plus size woman but finding a top designer dress is almost impossible. Melissa realized this the first time she went to the Oscars two years ago. None of the designers wanted to create a dress for her. They said their designs would not look good on Melissa or just said that they don’t create them in her size. This was a huge problem for Melissa as award shows continued. She then got to a point where she decided to ignore those designers and start designing dresses herself. With the help from the couture dress maker Daniella Pearl, they created the plus-size clothing lines, Pearl. Melissa started to make her own dresses and began to find designers who would gladly make her a gorgeous dress, like in the picture above.

What I’ve learned from Melissa McCarthy is that if the world says it doesn’t want to dress you, then YOU figure out how to dress yourself. Find the right people, brands and companies that will have beautiful clothing for you. Start creating your own cloths or reinvent them. Just like Melissa, we deserve to look great.