Shorts Ready For the Heat

Anyone in the states right now knows that it is crazy hot. It’s so hot that if we all could, we would probably be just hanging in our undies. But because we still live in a civilized culture, we are going to have to make due with wearing shorts.

The word shorts make some of us groan because we know that good shorts are hard to come by when you’re plus sized. Either the short legs are too short and tight and give us that bulge in the thighs, our bellies are muffining over, or they are the opposite and look like dad shorts. There is an easy way to take away all the problems with one type of shorts. High waisted shorts.

High waisted shorts are not only a big trend in fashion at the moment, they are also a big girl’s best friend. These shorts cover up the cursed belly bulges and gives your shape a smooth look. There are high waisted shorts with legs that don’t squeeze your thighs. Here are some from Forever 21 Plus.


They are perfect for any type of activity because they stay up because of the height. These shorts look great with crop tops, tucked in tops or even something that flows over them. If you want to find some good stores to find shorts that aren’t online, then find out where your closest Forever 21 Plus and H&M are. Get a pair and try to get out of the heat! 


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